Allods expansion “Lords of Destiny” fated for March 12 release

By Michael Jamias
allods lords of destiny march 12 release

Billed as the “biggest Allods end game expansion” to-date, Lords of Destiny piles on a bunch of new dungeons and a new raid.

Allods: Lords of Destiny will launch on American, European English, German, French and Polish servers on March 12, 2013.

“Lords of Destiny will be the biggest end game expansion in the history of Allods Online, and will have the most significant changes to end game play seen to date, as well as significant improvements and also 8 all new astral Allods,” said European free to play games publisher Gala Networks Europe, which operates Allods versions across the Atlantic.

Eight new astral allods – what are known as six-man dungeons in the online rpg – will be rolled out with the update, with each dungeon promising several mini bosses and a final boss that will prove trickier to defeat, especially for uncoordinated teams. Those looking for a tougher challenge can also run the new raid, Tep’s Pyramid, which will have three new raid encounters.

This latest expansion widens the world for exploration and PvP. “Lords of Destiny will bring several stunning over world zones that forward the story of Allods Online and introduce lush jungles, exotic villages, and the land of the mysterious Tequani, as well as other areas, and offer a place for an all new open world PvP,” said Gala Networks Europe.

The free mmorpg will also see its level cap raised to 55, and offer guilds a chance to take part in an intense competition called Dominion War described as “an exciting new global war about pet collection and customisation as well as territory control, which especially caters for high-level, elite players.”

Allods: Lords of Destiny is scheduled to arrive on the newly opened public test server sometime this February, with registration available via the official websites for each language version.


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