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allods online arena
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The MOBA vs mmo war has been tough on the mmo side. We've seen fewer hours clocked, quieter servers and a decline in competitive PvP since the new, skirmish-style format rolled in, but things are beginning to balance out again and mmorpg games are getting back into the swing of things. To encourage more returning mmorpg fans, we've seen a lot of dev studios upping their PvP game over the past few years and, with ...
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Sep 02 2015
allods brothers in arms update
Allegiances have never been as crucial or in flux now that the Allods Brothers in Arms update is live. The intense new update to the MMORPG forces old fraction enemies to put aside their grudges and work together to win in the Battle for Cargallas cross-faction PvP battleground. The Brothers in Arms content drop, also known as Allods 6.0.1, also makes it easier than ever to find allies in the free rpg through the convenient group search feature...
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Jun 10 2015
allods wind of changes expansion
Get blown away by the newest Wind of Changes expansion for Allods, which redesigns many features and introduces a new Dominion. But before we get into the nitty gritty details, go watch the official Wind of Changes trailer:Long-time fans of the free online rpg will notice the biggest changes came to the Dominion map, which was sorely imbalanced towards larger guilds. Game designers have scrapped the old system that was prone to power abuse a...
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Dec 06 2013
allods online premium
They say nothing is ever truly free and, as great as free to play mmo games are, the need to finance the developers is ever-present. For many devs, this means funding their games through microtransactions, freemium features and exclusive access to paid-for subscription members. This, in itself can cause a dilemma, as free to play gamers can often feel like they're missing out on parts of the game, no matter how committed to the game they are. F...
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Dec 19 2014
allods online leather
Leatherworkers! It's time to tan up! While the Heroes, the Dragons, the Warlocks, and even the dead get their own exclusive events and celebrations in their respective MMOs, nobody takes into consideration the work of the humble crafter. Crafters and merchants take the meta game of their favorite MMORPGs to a whole new level, providing you, the front line, with an essential ecosystem of economy, supply and demand. Finally, their time has come as...
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Nov 14 2013
allods online subscription only server
Allods players who hate paying for microtransactions can sign up for the new subscription-only server. MMO fans were previously restricted to shelling out dollars for pretty much new Allods content and premium features, making it burdensome on the wallet, especially those looking to unlock everything in the subscription free rpg servers. Now, in the newly launched Allods subscription-only server, micropayments have been removed entirely in favo...
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Oct 05 2013
allods online eu servers merge
Webzen is combining all Allods EU servers -- Polish, English, German and French -- into a large multilingual server. Grouping should become easy as heck, but we have to realize those language barriers should make it a little bit harder to execute perfect combat combos. Webzen said the "united" European community aka the great Allods EU servers merge will happen on the first half of September along with the release of the new expansion, Everlast...
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Sep 06 2013
allods subscription server faq
A new letter from the producer answers our most burning questions about the upcoming Allods subscription server. The Allods subscription server FAQ distinguished the new paid server from the existing free to play ones. For one, the subscription server will not have access to the Item Shop and Currency Exchange, which means it will also not have Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs and Strongbox bonuses, among other things related to those two featur...
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Aug 20 2013
allods lords of destiny march 12 release
Billed as the “biggest Allods end game expansion” to-date, Lords of Destiny piles on a bunch of new dungeons and a new raid. Allods: Lords of Destiny will launch on American, European English, German, French and Polish servers on March 12, 2013. “Lords of Destiny will be the biggest end game expansion in the history of Allods Online, and will have the most significant changes to end game play seen to date, as well as significant improvements an...
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Feb 07 2013
allods new horizons set to land august 8
A new expansion for the Allods MMO will allow players to create their own allods and engage in thrilling territorial disputes deep in Astral Space. Called Allods New Horizons, it will be launching simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic in early next month. True to its name, Allods New Horizons will expand the mechanics behind the fantasy MMO’s popular spacefaring system. gPotato said the new expansion fulfills the long-time dreams of playe...
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Jul 20 2012