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    From the beginning, this game looks and feels like World of Warcraft. As long as the combat is fluid, that is a good thing to many...
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    APB: Quest
    Head to quest hubs, talk to NPCs, complete the tasks, and come back for your rewards. It may not be innovative but it does let you...
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    K brings up your skill book....
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    The spell graphics are nice and flashy. If you like the WoW style of graphics, you will like the way Allods looks....
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Allods - First Look

Allods - First Look

Allods Online is an exciting free MMORPG, based on the world of Sarnaut. A once peaceful planet filled with wondrous landscapes and pleasant climates. That was until the nomadic Aro tribe revolted and destroyed the once powerful kingdom of June. Allods Online includes a number of popular features including an in-depth character progression system, large-scale PvP fights and enough PvE content to keep even the most hardcore of players entertained.

Allods Online features one of the most in-depth character creation systems available in a free to play MMORPG. Players get to choose their faction, joining either The League or the Empire, both have their own selection of races with The League choosing from Elves, Gibberlings, Kanians and The Empire having a choice from Xadaganians, Orcs and Arisen. Both sides have a total of 8 available classes, including all the regular archetypes such as healer, crowd control, DPS and range, as well as a few that mix multiple mechanics. Each race class choice is also different so an Elf as a healer uses totally different abilities to that of a Kanian healer. This creates a large number of possible outcomes after character creation, combining to create one of the most unique character creation systems ever seen.

Allods also includes a rather unique mini-game known as Goblinball. Originally from unknown origins, the Orcs adopted Goblinball as their racial sport to avoid the constant clan conflicts that plagued their race. Goblinball soon spread to other races and it's now common for members from both sides, of all races, to play the game alongside each other. It's basically a fantasy version of Soccer as a Goblin with a helmet acts as the football, members from each side much attempt to score in the oppositions goal while protecting their own. Games can last for up to 30 minutes at a time, or when a team scores 9 goals.

By Rachel Rosen


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Allods Online celebrates its Leatherworkers

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