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  • Alien Swarm: party

    Alien Swarm: party
    Remember to bring a balanced party. You will probably want a medic and tech in most missions. Having one of each class is always a...
    Alien Swarm: party

    Alien Swarm: hack

    Alien Swarm: hack
    The tech can hack his way through some puzzles. Here is one of the easier puzzles that is controlling the lock on a door....
    Alien Swarm: hack

    Alien Swarm: fpsish

    Alien Swarm: fpsish
    Alien Swarm is a co-op, isometric shooter. It uses WASD movement and other controls typical to FPS. The camera view is similar to ...
    Alien Swarm: fpsish

    Alien Swarm: items

    Alien Swarm: items
    Some maps require items to be found during the mission to complete. I need to burn my way through this door....
    Alien Swarm: items

Alien Swarm Gameplay

Alien Swarm Gameplay

Alien Swarm is a free action rpg, developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is available for free download on Steam. Alien Swarm started as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. The community team that worked on it was eventually hired by Valve Corporation. Alien Swarm tells the story of a human colony under an alien threat. Jacob's Rest is, at the moment, the only Alien Swarm campaign. It has several missions, each with a few objectives. Hopefully, we will get to see more PvE content added. Alien Swarm comes with a bunch of related achievements, specific to Steam games. There are currently 64 achievements. Alien Swarm has a class system like rpgs and top-down camera angle. It's a bit of a hybrid game.

Alien Swarm free online rpg has 4 playable classes. Each class has two characters (or marines) and a specific skill, which is named just like the class. The Officer class has Master Sergeant Joseph 'Sarge' Conrad and Corporal Karl Jaeger as characters. They give buffs to nearby players, have increased melee damage and better health. The Special Weapons marines are Private First Class Adele 'Wildcat' Lyon and Private Thomas Wolfe. The specialized skill allows them to be deadly with certain weapons. The Medics are Corporal Eva 'Faith' Jensen and Private Leon Bastille and they have healing abilities. Private David 'Crash' Murphy and Alejandro 'Vegas' Guerra are technical specialists and they have engineering skills. Although there are 2 characters for each class, each character is different. The players have 8 alternatives when making a character. Alien Swarm players can equip two primary weapons and offhand items like grenades, first aid kits, flashlights and so on. They need to be well equipped to fight the Swarm. All enemy mobs are alien creatures.

Missions and achievements will reward players with XP. Alien Swarm has 5 difficulty modes which greatly impact XP rate. The Alien Swarm level cap is 27. After achieving this max level, players can reset to level 1 and get a promotion. The promotion can be earned 6 times. Players who wish to test their skills can try to complete challenges. These can have insane requirements like using no other weapon than a chainsaw or players must not take any damage. It's not easy completing such tasks. We cannot call Alien Swarm a true mmo game. Players can form teams of maximum 4 members. Alien Swarm doesn't come with PvP content but it supports some PvP mods. To help new players get accustomed to game mechanics, Alien Swarm provides an optional tutorial.

By Rachel Rosen

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