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    Alganon: character
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    Alganon: quest
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    Alganon: combat
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    Alganon: craft
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Alganon Gameplay

Alganon Gameplay

Alganon: Fall of the Ourobani is a free mmorpg, developed and published by Quest Online. More about the story can be found from the Alganon comic book. Several writers and graphic designers, that contributed to other famous titles like Rift and World of Warcraft, were involved in Algalon comic book development. The events revolve around Bana'serit, leader of the Ourobani. She is looking for an epic weapon to help her restore peace. Alganon lore can also be read in the Library. It can be accessed in game or on the official website. Alganon, the online mmo, has all rpg specific aspects and features that enable players to connect and interact in all sorts of ways.

All mmorpg games start with character creation. Alganon players have several choices. The first decision that must be made is what race will a character be. Asharr is a human race and like all humans they rely on intelligence and strength. The other available race is Talrok Kujx. They are mostly fighters but have learned how to use magic as well. Each race has a home land and a god whose religion they seek to spread all around the world. After selecting a race, character creation continues with class choice. Both races have access to all 4 class types. The Soldier is the common fighter type. The Magus is a wizard. The Healer is also a magic class but has some healing abilities along with destructive spells. The Ranger is skilled with weapons and magic. Abilities, spells and skills grow more powerful when characters gain levels. Players can choose a family to be part of. There are 5 families for each race. Being part of a family is a great way to find players with common points of view. Alganon is a free to play mmo where PvP and PvE players will always find something to do. Quests can be completed solo or with a group. They reward experience, items and lore knowledge. Every dungeon has a hard mode available at level 50 (max level). Asharr and Talrok Kujix are engaged in a neverending conflict. When a race controls all towers and keeps, they can invade the main enemy city. PvP players can learn to master siege vehicles and defensive structures.

Alganon online rpg has a complex economic system. In addition to a regular auction house, Alganon has a requisition house. Buyers make a request for a certain item and put a gold deposit. Sellers check requests and fulfill them. The transaction is done automatically. Alganon players can pick up trade skills. The tribute market is Alganon free to play mmo approach towards microtransactions. Players can join or create guilds. Guildies can stay in touch even when they are offline using the My Alganon feature.

By Rachel Rosen


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