Final Beta for Albion Online Announced

By Jeff Francis
Final Albion Online beta announced

After a long period of testing and endless tweaking, the final Albion Online beta testing phase is almost upon us. Sandbox Interactive have announced the dates for the final beta along with details of all the features that mmo players can look forward to. Some featured highlights include the new reputation system, a revamped item system, a complete rework of the guild versus guild feature, and the new continents. The date for the final Albion Online beta will be August 1st for Legendary Founders, August 2nd for Epic Founders, and August 3rd for Veteran Founders.

Albion Online guild combat

The features of this Albion Online beta include:

The Royal Islands (King’s and Queen’s Isle) consist of green, yellow and red PvP zones, with resources up to Tier 7, and no guild territories. The Isles are a fairly safe environment for gatherers, crafters and perfect for small scale PvP.

The Outlands are the untamed part of Albion, without the Royal Expeditionary Forces to enforce the law. Guilds can claim and fight for territory, murdering and plundering as they please. The Outlands are the richest in resources, with regions up to Tier 8, and is highly dangerous. Only hardcore PvP players should travel to this lawless continent.

The New World is a very diverse place, with different biomes: Swamps, Steppes and Mountains. Each biome is unique, both in its aesthetics and resources. Every biome has three resources that appear in it, as well as two factions that reside in them. The more dangerous a zone, the more bleak the biome will appear. Two additional biomes (Highlands and Forest) will be added throughout the Final Beta.

The New World is an unpredictable place, where even resources refuse to stay in the same place. Instead of having a set place for each resource node, resources will now have different spawn points all over the map. This means that Tier 4 Ore node you found in the west of a cluster yesterday can be somewhere completely different today!

It's great that the crafting and PvP-centric mmorpg is entering the final stretch before release. You can read the full details on all the features found in the upcoming final Albion Online beta here.


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