More details on Albion Online's inventory and resources systems

By Michael Jamias
albion online inventory resources systems

We now know how characters are customized, how inventory functions and how resources will be contested in Albion Online.

Asked by fans, developers of the cross-platform sandbox mmorpg said that characters will all begin with a flat 1,000 HP pool. This will then be modified by what kind of gear they wear.

But for those planning to bulk up on HP gear, keep in mind that these might make you inhibitively slow because of how much they weight. In this sense, Albion character customization can range from having a meatier but slower frontline fighter or a squishier but more agile backline hero.

Players can offset the slow from carrying many items by acquiring bigger bags, or simply dumping unneeded items that are literally weighing their character down.

In terms of combat mechanics, Albion Online will be getting a tab targeting feature that's a staple these days in rpg games online. Area of effect attacks are also being considered, although chances are low that aimed shot mechanics will be implemented.

Fans have also been curious as to how abundant resources will be in the shared and highly competitive mmo world. Will it be restrictively in low demand to create a very cutthroat environment?

Developers said increasingly rarer materials will be placed in increasingly more contested areas, effectively granting better resources for those who take bolder risks.

"To ensure the rarity and continued value of key resources, the only available materials in a safe zone will be from rank one to four.  If players want to seek metals, plants, and more for ranks five to eight, they will need to venture into progressively competitive zones, culminating in full player versus player area," said developers.


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