Albion Online reveals the Destiny Board

By Michael Jamias
albion online destiny board

Albion Online is being bannered as a cross-platform sandbox mmorpg, but developers may have realized it was too aimlessly sandbox for its own good. So developers have unveiled the new Destiny Board feature that will give guidance to players who don't know what to do or how to power up their characters in the game, while still retaining its classless and levelless system.

"The Destiny Board was designed to give players some direction in a world in which there are no levels,” said David Salz, Technical Director at Sandbox Interactive. “Though players are not relying on a traditional level-up system, they are still able to plan their own Destiny in the world of Albion, and become their own unique hero.”

Through the Destiny Board, players can pick their specialized path in the greater rpg world -- whether it's crafting, PvE, PvP or any combination of the three.

Here's how the Destiny Board works: Missions will appear on the Destiny Board and completing them will unlock the stat bonuses and vanity items corresponding to a player's chosen path. Players will also be able to use the Destiny Board to access more powerful buildings to craft.

When used wisely, the Destiny Board allows players to create virtually any kind of hero they want. You can create tank casters that tear PvE challenges, or warriors with healing spells that obliterate PvP opponents, or dedicated crafters that can solo missions in order to gather the required materials for their recipes.

The Destiny Board can be reached straight from the HUD, and should be available for testing when Albion Online goes into public beta in early 2014.


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