Albion Online Suffers DDoS Attacks and Ransom Demand Over the Weekend

By Jeff Francis
Albion Online suffers DDoS attacks

The developers of Sandbox Interactive were looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend to watch Albion Online players enjoy the crafting-centric online rpg. In the same vein, the weekend offered gamers the opportunity to escape the humdrum of the real world for a bit and enjoy some virtual adventures while engaging in some PvP and the stockpiling of resources. Those plans were all dashed due to a series of Albion Online DDoS attacks that went on throughout the weekend.

The weekend Albion Online DDoS attacks led to some servers going dark and a ton of disconnects for players. The developers quickly informed the players of what was going on via the game's forum. They wrote, "Hello everyone, We just wanted to inform you that the problems which occurred yesterday were because of a DDOS attack. We also received a ransom demand from the attackers. There is a huge probability that these attacks might continue. We are actually getting reports of increased traffic from our hoster (UTC 12:25). We will keep you updated about the situation."

Yes, you read that right. The Albion Online DDoS attacks were accompanied by a ransom demand. Sandbox Interactive did not say how much the ransom was for. They only said it was for money and not pertaining to any banned account. A few players expressed the opinion that the outages were due to the game not having enough resources to cover the number of players who bought the mmo. This sentiment was shot down by most posters, and there was some further speculation that the Albion Online DDoS attacks are in response to a recent change that removed the ability to directly trade gold to players and guilds. The developers did say that they filed police charges and will not be paying any ransom demands.

Apparently, there are still some issues going on. You can read the entire ongoing thread devoted to the Albion Online DDoS attacks here.


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