Albion Online shows off impressive cross-platform demo

By Michael Jamias
albion online cross platform demo

Albion Online has just released a cross-platform demo that helps convince us that playing the sandbox MMO on a PC will just be as good as on a tablet.

Although we hear that Albion Online will be "running a bit slower" on the iPad than the rest of the other available platforms, it's easy to see that a lot of work has been put into making the game experience consistent across devices.

During the demo video above, we were particularly impressed at sandbox mmo's responsiveness across the five gaming platforms -- from the PC Windows to the Android.

One of the best things about the game's strong cross-platform capabilities is that PvP will play virtually the same no matter which device you're using, assured developers.

So you won't have to be forced to fire up your gaming rig to have a great PvP match; your iPad or Android tablet can help you rack up some wins as well.

Gone are the days when rpg games online stayed strictly on the Windows PC platform. Nowadays, cross-platform presence has become a norm especially for mmo games looking to broaden their market to include tablet and non-Windows users, and Albion Online seeks to do just that.


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