Enjoy Shady Deals as the Albion Online Black Market is Revealed

By Jeff Francis
Albion Online announces the Black Market

When one normally hears about the black market, images of contraband and unsavory characters come to mind. However, in the case of the newly announced Albion Online Black Market feature, such is not actually the case. This new feature makes an interesting change to loot drops within the crafting-centric mmorpg. The gist of the Black Market is that all item drops from mobs and chests will now be player-crafted.

The new Albion Online Black Market features a shady NPC that buys items from the players and then redistributes those items to the various chests, mobs, and factions found throughout the game's world. There is no set price for items or an infinite demand. The Black Market works by having orders generated whenever a mob is killed. Once there are enough active buy orders for an item, then the price offered by the NPC for that item will go up. This system means that players can increase demand by being more active.

Players can choose to sell items directly to the Albion Online Black Market or set up their own sell orders. When the player's price point has been reached, the Black Market NPC will buy the crafted items. Overall, the new feature is pretty interesting, and one of its main functions within the mmo is to act as a lower tier item sink. Some of the benefits of the new Black Market is that essences will no longer be needed for refining and that the amount of item drops will be increased.

You can read more details on the new Albion Online Black Market feature here.


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