Albion Online Unveils Artifact System with New Video

By Jeff Francis
Albion Online artifact system video released

The final beta for the Albion Online mmo is fast approaching, and players will be able to sink their virtual teeth into some new features. While the game's entire world has been altered along with the addition of new islands, a new system is being introduced that fits in nicely with the game's focus on crafting. A new developer video goes into some detail on the upcoming Albion Online artifact system that is being introduced in the final beta.

The Albion Online artifact system focuses on, naturally enough, artifacts. These are remnants of powerful weapons and gear that were used in the massive war that destroyed the game's world 1300 years ago. While the entirety of such weapons are no longer in existence, fragments of them remain, and it is these artifact fragments that players will collect and ultimately fuse together to recreate those powerful weapons from antiquity.

The new Albion Online artifact system was designed to add another element to the PvE aspect of the mmorpg. These artifacts will have distinctive looks that are based upon various in-game factions, and they also have unique spells and abilities. Needless to say, they are also very powerful. Overall, there are 81 new artifact items coming: 45 weapons, 9 off-hands, and 9 armor sets (head, chest, and shoes). Some examples of what players can craft using the Albion Online artifact system include the Bloodletter (Morgana Dagger), Whispering Bow (Undead Longbow), and Graveguard Set (Undead Soldier Plate Armor Set).

For more images of items found in the Albion Online artifact system, click here.


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