Albion Online reveals alpha plans

By Tam Mageean
albion online alpha

Cross platform mmo games have always been a sore subject for gamers. Often, a game either promises cross-platform playability and falls short, compromises gameplay for the sake of cross platform functionality, or all out abandons the idea after a very brief stint; shutting down servers and leaving gamers stranded from their buddies. That age may well be coming to a close though, as the next Albion Online alpha comes into view.

Albion Online promises to be one of the first, true, cross platform mmo titles; uniting Windows, Mac, iOS and Android gamers all at once, in a sole, enormous server. 

This week Sandbox Interactive announced the good news that the next Albion Online alpha test will be ready for launch on March 24th. As with the prior tests, Albion Online's alpha keys will be given away randomly via their twitter and facebook pages, so be sure to subscribe if you want access. Gamers who managed to get a key in a previous test need not apply, as your old key will still grant you access to the new test. Seemingly, one of the main purposes behind the new alpha test is to get as many players on board as possible and stress test the massive server, across all their platforms at once (except iOS).

If you'd like a guaranteed key, Sandbox Interactive are rewarding fans that help promote and support the mmo, by setting up fansites, wikias, blog posts etc in order to help the cause.

What will you be doing to earn your key? Let us know in the comments section.


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