Albion Online classless system explained

By Michael Jamias
albion classless system explained

Satisfy your curiosity on the Albion Online classless system with this developer diary video.

Community manager Yasmin walks us through why there are no classes in this upcoming free mmorpg, with developers opting instead for a weapons-and-spells based system.

Everything is pretty much explained in this Albion Online classless character customization video:

Pretty cool, huh? For the pros, we see this classless system as giving players greater freedom to experiment with the playstyle that best works for them, and not be confined into one role for the rest of the game.

It also negates the need to re-roll another character since you can pretty much just craft weapons to jump into other roles. For instance, you can create tough armor imbued with taunting and defensive spells, equip those, and voila -- you're now a full-fledged tank. Then if your group requires a ranged damage dealer, swap into crossbow and light garments that let you become a killer mobile marksman.

But for the cons, this kind of system might be too overwhelming for rpg fans who want the rigidity and direction that a class system brings. With so many choices to choose from, we have no doubts that it will be pretty much standard for Albion Online players to Google the best armor and spell combos -- and such grunt work might be too much to ask of more casual players.


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