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How should mmo DDoS attacks be handled?
One of the banes of online gaming is the dreaded DDoS attack. Instead of sitting down and adventuring through the virtual worlds of your favorite games, you're instead stuck trying to log in or are getting continually disconnected. Making matters even worse is that such mmo DDoS attacks are normally done just for kicks by those looking to ruin the good times of others. However, there are cases where an mmo DDoS attack is followed by a ransom dema...
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Sep 04 2017
Albion Online suffers DDoS attacks
The developers of Sandbox Interactive were looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend to watch Albion Online players enjoy the crafting-centric online rpg. In the same vein, the weekend offered gamers the opportunity to escape the humdrum of the real world for a bit and enjoy some virtual adventures while engaging in some PvP and the stockpiling of resources. Those plans were all dashed due to a series of Albion Online DDoS attacks that went on thr...
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Aug 07 2017
Albion Online announces the Black Market
When one normally hears about the black market, images of contraband and unsavory characters come to mind. However, in the case of the newly announced Albion Online Black Market feature, such is not actually the case. This new feature makes an interesting change to loot drops within the crafting-centric mmorpg. The gist of the Black Market is that all item drops from mobs and chests will now be player-crafted.The new Albion Online Black Marke...
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Jun 01 2017
Albion Online artifact system video released
The final beta for the Albion Online mmo is fast approaching, and players will be able to sink their virtual teeth into some new features. While the game's entire world has been altered along with the addition of new islands, a new system is being introduced that fits in nicely with the game's focus on crafting. A new developer video goes into some detail on the upcoming Albion Online artifact system that is being introduced in the final beta. ...
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Jul 21 2016
Final Albion Online beta announced
After a long period of testing and endless tweaking, the final Albion Online beta testing phase is almost upon us. Sandbox Interactive have announced the dates for the final beta along with details of all the features that mmo players can look forward to. Some featured highlights include the new reputation system, a revamped item system, a complete rework of the guild versus guild feature, and the new continents. The date for the final Albion Onl...
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Jul 15 2016
Albion Online mountains flora and fauna revealed
With the coming revamp to the virtual world of Albion Online, the developers have been presenting players a closer look at the flora and fauna they will encounter in the various zones. The latest developer blog climbs up to a higher altitude as the flora and fauna of the Albion Online mountains are detailed. While the mountain scenery is quite picturesque with peaceful drifts of snow, there is danger lurking in the heights.The developers note...
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Jul 12 2016
albion online final beta date
We're down to the last stretch of testing for Albion Online as it pencils in an August 1 final beta before it officially launches. The Albion Online final beta is going to be an extensive one lasting for two to three months, according to MMO studio Sandbox Interactive.Final beta participants will start with a clean slate, not carrying over any progression from the earlier beta phases. The current beta will end on July 17, giving developers a ...
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Jul 05 2016
Albion Online steppes flora and fauna revealed
Fresh on the heels of the announcement that Albion Online was remaking the game's world comes a closer look at what actually inhabits the game's regions. A new developer post goes into some detail on the resources and mobs found in the Albion Online steppes, specifically the flora and fauna. One thing that players will notice is that biomes will look different depending upon where the player is in the world. The more dangerous the zone within the...
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Jun 21 2016
Albion Online announces world restructuring
Change is a constant in the universe, and change is definitely coming to the Albion Online world due to a massive restructuring. The game is remaking the map of their entire virtual world with the release of the final beta this summer. The current East and West continent will be saying a fond farewell as the game introduces the new Royal Islands and the Outlands.The developers have said that the reason for this restructuring of the Albion Onl...
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Jun 17 2016
Albion Online stories of the steppes revealed
Bit by bit, the developers of Albion Online are slowly revealing more of the game's world and ongoing development. The latest weekly roundup for the PvP and crafting-centric online rpg features a look at the new dual swords spin attack animation, and even more interesting is the unveiling of some of the new stories associated with the new Albion Online steppes biome being developed.Last week, players got a first look at the new Albion Online ...
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May 30 2016