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  • AirMech: bases

    AirMech: bases
    Start out at your main base and start making units to start the battle....
    AirMech: bases

    AirMech: units

    AirMech: units
    Like a RTS you create and put out units to attack the enemie....
    AirMech: units

    AirMech: air battle

    AirMech: air battle
    Turn into a ship and fight your enemies from the air....
    AirMech: air battle

    AirMech: land battle

    AirMech: land battle
    Turn into a robot to take your battles on to land....
    AirMech: land battle

AirMech Gameplay First Look - HD

AirMech Gameplay First Look - HD

Airmech is a free to play MMO developed and published by Carbon Games. Normally, mech games are all about customizing your robot. Airmech is a RTS game with mech features. This means that players will also experience strategic fights. Airmech support multiplayer matches and co-op gameplay. An Airmech team can have up to three members. Players can build armies and go to war against each other. There are various game modes. Some modes are pure PvP action. Other modes require players to team up and defeat AI controlled units. There are lots of Airmech quests and missions for players to complete. Challenge modes are times missions. Multiple ways to customizes Airmech armies are available.

Mech customization is essential for Airmech. There are many mechs to choose from. Each one has a different set of skills. Play styles also vary. Airmech players are encouraged to get familiarized with all types of mechs. It’s important to know how to control and maneuver your mech but, having some enemy insights will also be very helpful. Airmech has a mode called spectator mode. In this mode, players can watch other players’ matches. It’s a great way for new players to pick up some strategy tips from Airmech pros. Airmech free online RPG has a sci fi story behind it. The Airmech is actually a fighting machine used in the Great War. Players get to decide if they use their Airmech to defend the helpless or to raid and plunder. Players get rewarded with Kudos and XP when wining PvP matches and completing Airmech objectives. Airmech plays a lot like moba style games but it also has its particularities. Matches happen quite fast and this is a good thing. Players won’t get bored and they are always 100% engaged in action. Fast decisions and reflexes can decide the outcome of an Airmech match.

Players can personalize visual appearance for their Airmech. There are lots of skins that can be unlocked. Each new level comes with a certain reward. Airmech uses an automatic matchmaking system to pair up players for multiplayer matches. This system is based on player’s ranking. This feature is continually updated and improved. New types of units will be added as well. Each unit is different and has its particularities. Another point on Airmech to-do list is more kinds of mechs. Airmech is developed and supported by a small indie company. They are not tied to any publisher and they have total freedom with Airmech development. In most cases, indie games are different but in a good way. Airmech is one of those MMO games that offer players ingenuity and originality.

By Rachel Rosen

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