Aion Update 3.1 Ushers In Easier Instances and New Shared Server

By Michael Jamias
aion update 3 1 ushers in easier instances and new shared server

Aion 3.1, which launched July 18, has made it easier for Daevas to gear up their low-level characters as well as introduced a smoldering new boss in the Abyss.

NCsoft said it has lowered the level requirements for Alquimia Research Center, Aetherogenetics Lab, Steel Rake, Theobomos Lab, and Adma Stronghold, “allowing these instances to be completed by smaller groups of players at lower levels.”

Defeating mobs in Alquimia Research Center and Aetherogenetics Lab will also yield increased XP, while bosses will drop Fabled and Heroic equipment, according to the developer's Aion 3.1 notes. Theobomos Lab and Adma Stronghold will also be open to both factions, and will contain five new quests for each faction to experience.

NCsoft is also introducing its first Fast-Track server for the MMORPG, which for the online rpg is a bold move to attract new players. Developers said that the shared server can be accessed “as easily as switching channels in-game” and will grant convenient boosts such as double XP and round-the-clock rift buffs.

The Abyss, meanwhile, stirs with the sudden eruption of the volcanic Moltenus, which will provide a literally explosive challenge to even the hardiest of Daevas.


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