Aion infographic celebrates free-to-play success so far

By Michael Jamias
aion free to play infographic

Aion is marking its second year anniversary as a free to play mmo with a stat-filled infographic that's meant to impress.

See the Aion free to play statistics for year two in the pair of screenshots below:

Aion drops free-to-play second year anniversary infographic

Aion infographic tells story of free to play success 

What caught our attention the most is that roughly 7.2 million characters have been created two years after the change -- a solid number that online rpg developers will salivate over.

These players spent a combined playtime of 66,589 years in the game and formed around 200,000 legions, suggesting the vibrancy of the community and group play in Aion.

And finally we get to settle which faction is the most popular in terms of numbers: It's the Elyos with almost 3.9 million characters as opposed to 3.2 million Asmodians.

The Gladiator proved to be the most popular Aion class since free-to-play service began, respresenting 16% of the player populace. Following in its heels are the Sorcerer (14%), Ranger (11%), Assassin (11%) and the Cleric (10%).

The Aion second anniversary infographic reveals as well the popularity of certain activities, specifically PvP and questing. More than 670 million PvP kills were recorded in the past two years, and a whopping 907 million quests completed.


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