Aion Europe Launches Update 3.0 on August 15

By Michael Jamias
aion europe update sarpan tiamaranta

Catching up with the rest of the world, the European version of Aion will unlock the Sarpan and Tiamaranta adventuring areas, as well as Daeva mounts and housing.

Known as Update 3.0, this latest Aion content patch is one of the most jam-packed for the fantasy online rpg and will go live next week, on August 15.

Publisher Gameforge said that two new areas, Sarpan and Tiamaranta, will be opened up and “offer PvE as well as PvP fans countless exciting challenges.”

Mounts, which have long been absent in the land of Atreia, will also become available as an alternative to traditional aerial wing travel. Aion mounts function similarly to those found in other rpg games online, with their movement speed boosts.

Update 3.0 also cuts the ribbon on a long-awaited role-playing feature -- the housing system.

“After a nerve-wracking day of adventure, they can return to their own home, which can be decorated and customized to their heart’s content. Furniture can be produced with the new furniture handicrafting skill,” said Gameforge.

This free-to-play MMO also lifts the level cap to 60 in Update 3.0, with new high-end content focusing on single and multiplayer instances for PvE players and fortress battles for PvP players.


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