Aethertech class coming in Aion: Steel Cavalry expansion

By Michael Jamias
aion aethertech class steel cavalry

NCsoft dropped the info bomb on the Aion: Steel Cavalry expansion which introduces the mecha-riding Aethertech class.

Set to arrive in the first quarter of 2014, Aion: Steel Cavalry draws up its name from the Aethertech class, which summons and rides magical war machines known as Bastions. Aethertechs use the key-shaped Cipher-Blade as a weapon that also doubles as the summoning beacon for their metallic combat mounts.

NCsoft previously promised to add three classes to the free online rpg, and the Aethertech is the third and last to arrive following the release of the Gunslinger and the Songweaver.

Along with announcing the free mmo expansion, NCsoft has unveiled the Aion: Steel Cavalry teaser site that shows a cool, close-up rendition of a Bastion.

Based on initial preview concept art, like the one in this post's thumbnail, each Aethertech sits atop their Bastion and controls it from an elevated, open-air cockpit. Bastions are equipped with two weapon arms. It has a large joust-like spear on its left arm and a sharp shield on its right arm. Both weapons glow with blue light, suggesting these could perform aether energy-based attacks.

The Aion: Steel Cavalry expansion is also packed with fresh content, including two new dungeon instances: The Illuminary Obelisk and the Iron Wall Warfront. Plus the customary new skills, class balances and improvements that come with a full expansion.


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