Aion celebrates 4th anniversary with a September splurge

By Michael Jamias
aion 4th anniversary events

Don't fret Aion fans. Trion Worlds is spoiling you this month with live events, contests and a Pirate costume day.

What's the occasion? Well, the fantasy online rpg is marking its 4th anniversary. And who can blame Trion Worlds -- Aion is still going strong four years after its launch which is like the equivalent of turing into a tweener in the mmo games industry.

Trion Worlds knows that Aion fans love their player events, so the month-long bash will consist mainly of in-game activities.

Things kick off with the Alchemy event where players will find keys via daily quests or item combinations, and can use these keys to unlock special chests containing cool rewards.

The annual Daeva's Day events also arrive, bringing anniversary cake buffs, Daeva Wings and rewards for participation.

For those who want to leave their lasting mark in the mmorpg, Trion Worlds is giving you a chance to do so through the Leave your Legacy contest. Players will need to submit their original design for Aethertech Key & Mecha. The contest winner's design will then be used for the upcoming Aethertech class arriving in Aion 4.5.

Those lovable GMs will also be hosting events and mini-games, giving gifts to winners and giving a meet-and-greet opportunity for fanboys.

Below is a handy schedule for all the Aion 4th anniversary events:

Alchemy Event - Sept 4-18
Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech - Sep 11 - 25
Daeva's Day Events - Sept 18 - Oct 2
In-Game GM Events - TBA
Talk Like a Pirate Day - Sept 19


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