Meet the Troubadour, the new bard class for Aion 4.0

By Michael Jamias
aion 4 0 troubadour class

The Troubadour serenades party members to heal their wounds, or compose destructive melodies that inflict debuffs to enemies.

“Though Troubadours have healing powers, they're not just support. They could be a real force in PvP,” said Aion developer NCsoft in a release. The Troubadour stands out in the online rpg as one of its most versatile classes, with an ability to switch between offensive and defensive styles of play on command.

NCsoft has pegged the Troubadour as a cross between two existing Aion classes, the Cleric and the Spiritmaster, combining the healing and support style of the former and the cloth armor restriction and weakening spells of the latter.

The Troubadour is one of three new classes coming with the release of the Aion 4.0 expansion. NCsoft said that newcomers flocking to the free rpg with the coming of the new expansion will have little difficulty piloting the Troubadour.

“The class's ‘skill tempo’ isn't fast, and though Troubadours are (currently) not a difficult class to play, they can be very adaptable to the needs of the group,” said NCsoft.

The Troubadour also has a quite a fetching look that could make it popular in the MMO. The first sneak peek art for the class shows a female Troubadour holding an elegant four-string harp on one hand and a curled rod that is used to create strike the harp and produce its battle beats.


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