New Aion 4.0 instances and bosses unmasked

By Michael Jamias
aion 4 0 instances bosses

See the ancient and vengeful bosses lurking in the four new instances for the soon-to-be-released Aion 4.0 expansion.

The Fortress Reward offers a riveting fortress siege in the Katalam region. “Katalam fortresses have unique terrain such as mountains, plains, even fortresses where flight control will be very important. Unlike established conventions, there is also a solo instance,” said NCsoft.

Time limits and AP gains for these new instances will be similar to current instances, the Aion developer added. Legions that take the fortresses will get "special versions" of the instances where better rewards are offered, which should make controlling the fortresses especially competitive.

Underground Katalam is an expansive underground cave that spans the northern and southern areas of the new region for the MMORPG. Here players will be able to access the 12-person raid dungeon Katalamize and Lunadium, a top-tier instance for level 65 Daevas.

Katalamize pits an ancient weapon of destruction called Hyperion against Daevas brave enough to face it. “Hyperion with be the strongest boss of Aion 4.0, so players will need to be very organized to defeat it,” said NCsoft.

Meanwhile, Lunadium introduces Grendal, a grieving witch boss that will prove difficult for even the most veteran players.

“Grendal assaults players within a confined area with five different attacks; moving outside the area causes instant death, so careful movement and precise timing are essential. There is a time limit to this fight: Grendal must be defeated before she becomes enraged,” said NCsoft.

Of course, conquering these new Aion 4.0 instances will be more than worth it, rewarding some of the finest crafting materials, weapons and class-specific gear so far in the free online rpg.


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