Aion free to play gets 4.0 upgrade

By Michael Jamias
aion 4 0 free to play

Free to play fans can now access all Aion 4.0 features and content, including the new Engineer and Artist playable classes.

The Engineer is a ranged attacker who eschews traditional weapons for more modern firearms. Engineers upgrade to gunners at level 10, and wield aether revolvers or aether cannons as their main weapons.

The Artist, on the other hand, uses instrumental music to punish or protect allies. Their mix of offensive and defensive support skills make them an adept at solo mmorpg adventuring and a great asset during team fights. Artists upgrade to bards at level 10 and wield various string instruments.

The new Engineer and Artist classes are just the tip of the long list of Aion 4.0 additions to the free to play version.

The mega patch also raises the maximum level to 65, opens up newly integrated areas around Katalam, and rolls out six new instances. For the PvP crowd, the Aion 4.0 free to play update enriches fights with the new fortresses and garrison combat features.

Total beginners should take this opportunity to jump into the free to play version. The Aion 4.0 starter experience is much improved compared to previous updates. Newbies will find leveling in the free online rpg faster, and questing more convenient due to the improved tracker and UI systems.


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