Vanquish the terrible Tiamat in Aion 3.5 update

By Michael Jamias
aion 3 5 tiamat

Coming this October, the Aion 3.5 update unlocks the way to the Dragon’s Lord Sanctuary, a new 12-person-alliance instance where the Tiamat awaits its brave challengers.

“Defeating Tiamat will be no easy feat,” said Aion developer NCsoft, “but those who manage to accomplish the task may walk away rewarded in the Tiamat Slayer Event.”

The first 12-person-alliance to defeat Tiamat will receive a powerful temporary title – Dragonsbane -- which will grant a slew of MMO buffs including HP + 100, Attack +3, Speed +5% and Magic Boost+15 for a length of 15 days.

NCsoft is also holding a Tiamat Slayer Guide contest from October 10 – 24. During this period, alliances will compete on creating the most instructional How-To guide on defeating one of the rpg’s most iconic foes so far.

“The How-To Guide will be judged on your presentation, composition, completeness of the guide, and clarity. The guide should be detailed and easy to understand! If you would like to submit your guide to Nyx in advance of making the official entry, she will be happy to give feedback on it,” said NCsoft.

Five alliances in the fantasy online rpg stand to win Eternal Grade Tiamat weapons for each of the winning alliances’ members for their efforts at helping the rest of Atreia overcome the Balaur Lord.


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