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The future of PC mmo games
Over the years, I've seen a number of gaming wars break out over platforms. There was originally the fight between Atari and Intellivsion, which then moved on to the Nintendo and Colecovision. Now we have Xbox and PlayStation, but the most interesting struggle is that between the PC and mobile games. This struggle is highlighted by the most recent quarterly report by NCSoft that shows the revenue from PC games dropping while those of mobile games...
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Sep 05 2017
top 5 aion unforgettable lost memories additions
Aion Europe is catching up with the rest of the world with the release of the Lost Memories expansion – also known as Aion Patch 5.0 – and it’s understandable to be giddy about it since there’s an array of new content hitting the live servers. We round up five of the standout additions that will spice up your playtime in the coming months. New regions of Nosra and Esterra Aion players will be returning to their beloved homelands as part of thei...
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Aug 22 2016
aion 5 0 europe launch
It is a time for rejoicing and reawakening as the Aion 5.0 update hits the European servers, with the North American launch slated on July 13. Gameforge released the newest patch to the fantasy mmorpg, bringing a slew of enhancements, quests, instances and sprawling areas to explore. The Aion 5.0 trailer clues us in on the lost memories that are found again, unlocking new powers for our resident rpg heroes:The Aion lore for the update draws...
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Jul 11 2016
Will Steam become the savior of mmos?
When people talk about a good mmorpg, they usually focus on the game's features. Endless debate will be waged on how combat is handled, whether or not the classes are balanced right for the purposes of PvP, if crafting is worthwhile, if there's enough endgame content to keep hardcore players happy, and so on. Yet one important factor crucial to the success of any mmo is usually not mentioned: the players. An online game needs a healthy population...
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Nov 17 2015
Aion Steam launch set for October 29th
Creating and developing a compelling online rpg is only part of the struggle for developers. Another facet of mmos is raising the awareness of the game amongst players and getting the game into their hands. An increasingly common method for doing so is to release the game onto one of the several incredibly popular gaming platforms such as Steam. This is the route that NCsoft has chosen for their Aion mmo, and they have announced that the official...
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Oct 26 2015
Aion Invasion update now live
It seems that evil never sleeps in mmorpg games. As soon as you defeat one entity that was intent on world domination, another one pops up in his place. Players managed to throw down the Dragon Lord Tiamat in Aion, but Beritra has risen to menace Atreia by using new dimensional technology, allowing his loyal minions to bypass the protective Aetheric Field and launch devastating attacks. Gamers can now take up the struggle against this new foe as ...
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Nov 05 2014
aion adult
It has emerged that last month, Aion's developer applied for a new rating on their mmorpg, in order to make it for adults only. Aion is a fantasy mmo much like any other. It has the usual fantasy elements, the deep and varied character customization and the expected level of monster slaying. It isn't particularly more violent than any other mmo game, nor is it more sexually explicit (albeit a few scantily clad warriors in questionably effec...
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Nov 03 2014
aion hackshield
It's a war that will probably never end. The feeling of achievement in mmo games is its driving force. Whether the things you accrue have a real world value or just carry bragging rights, mmo loot is held close to the hearts of the inhabitants of mmorpgs. Of course, not everyone plays games purely for enjoyment and, every so often, some real world baddies get into gaming, in an attempt to get hold of some of your goodies. Hacking and bot-running...
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Oct 03 2014
Aion fifth anniversary begins
It's hard to believe that it's been five years since the game debuted, but NCSoft is celebrating the Aion fifth anniversary starting today.The festivities for this event include the return of the Wheel of Fortunerk to the mmorpg, a world loot drop rate boost, double prestige crystals for those who hold Prestige Packs, and much more. There's plenty to do in the Aion fifth anniversary event as the game's website notes, "Players familiar with Daeva...
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Sep 17 2014
aion free to play infographic
Aion is marking its second year anniversary as a free to play mmo with a stat-filled infographic that's meant to impress. See the Aion free to play statistics for year two in the pair of screenshots below:  What caught our attention the most is that roughly 7.2 million characters have been created two years after the change -- a solid number that online rpg developers will salivate over. These players spent a combined playtime of 66,5...
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Mar 01 2014