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  • Aion: character

    Aion: character
    Like any good Korean MMO, Aion offers tons of customization options for your character. You could mess with these sliders all day ...
    Aion: character

    Aion: MMO

    Aion: MMO
    There is a quite active playerbase. We bumped into a couple of people in the starting zone....
    Aion: MMO

    Aion: Spells

    Aion: Spells
    That Sprigg Worker is going to get it! He may be higher level than us, but we can still 3 shot him....
    Aion: Spells

    Aion: Quests

    Aion: Quests
    Aion does use the quest hub style of leveling. Here I am near NPCs and another player or 3 at the second quest hub in the game....
    Aion: Quests

Aion - First Look

Aion - First Look

Developed and published by the veteran team at NCSoft, Aion is one of the most popular MMORPG games released in recent years. Aion was originally released in 2009 and accumulated over 3.5 million subscribers, the game has since launched a large number of content filled expansions and updates, and more recently, transferred over to a free to play model with no options restrictions in North American regarding gathering, trade and chat. Players can progress through levels 1-60 while experiencing the highest quality graphics and environment designs the free online RPG has to offer.

Aion was designed from the ground up to be appealing to the PvP crowd, as such they've introduced a large number of features to promote PvP and other competitive actions. Aion features 2 rival factions, Asmodians and Elyos with each faction having different starting locations, leveling paths and capital city. Each race also has access to 3 different classes, following typical MMORPG archetypes such as damage dealer, tank and healer. Once players reach level 10 they're able to select a specialization for their class, adding various different progression routes.

The majority of the PvP action takes place in an area called the Abyss. The Abyss is a PvPvE zone that features some of the most exciting scenarios the game has to offer. As Aion offers both ground and aerial combat, players can be attacked from practically any angle at any time. Each faction is fighting for control of various fortresses and strongholds within the Abyss with the victors claiming various rewards such as experience points, gear and fame. There's also another element to the Abyss, the Balaur. The Balaur are an NPC race of dragon like creatures that inhabit the Abyss, they're extremely difficult to fight, even for the strongest of Aion heroes. At random times, even during massive PvP battles, the Balaur will descend onto the battlefield, turning a furious PvP fight into a three way PvPvE scenario. This unique system creates intensive PvP battles ti  experience in this MMORPG game, and it's the main reason Aion is widely regarded as one of the most popular Korean MMORPG.

By Rachel Rosen


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