Aika Online unveils massive August patch

By Michael Jamias
aika online zerecas plot land of wailing update

Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing update hits the world of Aika Online, shaking up the MMORPG with a level 90 cap increase and a new dungeon.

In the new update, Aika players can spend the waning days of summer adventuring and powering up their characters to level 90, a five-level increase from the previous cap of 85.

The journey to the new endgame will be quite exciting as hitting level 85 will now unlock a new skill for each job class. Fans can also accumulate correspondingly stronger equipment called the Heaven Set to prepare them for the level 90 challenges. Conveniently, some of the materials for the Heavenly Set can be obtained by disassembling level 80 unique equipment.

The online rpg ventures into the namesake Land of Wailing map which is home to level 90-95 monsters. It is also home to the new Kynari Aviary dungeon, which might sound like a bird's paradise but is instead the dangerous nest of the resident boss, Seridunn.

The Kynari Aviary is a hell mode dungeon, meaning it can prove to be frustratingly difficult for some Aika players. Developers assured that those who do have trouble downing Seridunn can get the special buff through the Air Garden Totem for that little extra push to help them down the horned terror and reap his nifty item rewards.

The Land of Wailing update rounds out its improvements with a Property Change feature that allows for better customization, as well as Pran skill improvements that should give them a much-needed leg up.


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