Aika Online brings on the duels with Renewal Update

By Michael Jamias
aika online renewal update

Aika Online introduces the Duel system which will allow players to battle against each other in 1v1 fight-to-the-death matches.

The Renewal Update, which has gone live over the weekend, also makes it easier than ever to adventure in the free rpg with freshly minted automation features. Activate the new Auto-Move button to head to the next quest without having to look up a guide. Combine this with the new color-coordinated quest markers which easily marks the type of quests are available via the NPC or on the map, and players should gain XP a little bit faster.

The same convenience comes with the new Auto-Follow button, which lowers the effort of following team mates to one-click convenience. Offensively, the Auto-Follow button also simplifies the hunting as a group when fighting the opposing nation.

Aika Online is filled with powerful players decked in the rarest mmo games gear, which can make the average newbie curious as to what they are wearing. The new Player Inspection feature lets beginners scan the equipment of veterans and take a mental note on how to build their future characters.

New durability icons also indicate the level of damage each gear item has sustained, and signals to players that it’s time to go get them repaired for full combat effectiveness during fights.


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