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aika online zerecas plot land of wailing update
Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing update hits the world of Aika Online, shaking up the MMORPG with a level 90 cap increase and a new dungeon. In the new update, Aika players can spend the waning days of summer adventuring and powering up their characters to level 90, a five-level increase from the previous cap of 85. The journey to the new endgame will be quite exciting as hitting level 85 will now unlock a new skill for each job class. Fans can a...
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Jul 30 2013
aika online renewal update
Aika Online introduces the Duel system which will allow players to battle against each other in 1v1 fight-to-the-death matches. The Renewal Update, which has gone live over the weekend, also makes it easier than ever to adventure in the free rpg with freshly minted automation features. Activate the new Auto-Move button to head to the next quest without having to look up a guide. Combine this with the new color-coordinated quest markers which eas...
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Nov 26 2012