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  • Aika: character

    Aika: character
    Here we see our mage hero, MMOPlay, as he enters the world for the first time....
    Aika: character

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    Aika: Fireball
    Fireball a pig for free bacon!...
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    Aika: quest
    Can't find your quest turn in? Stop looking for the ? and instead keep an eye out for that sideways S....
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    Aika: arrows
    Arrows will lead you towards your tracked quest....
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Aika Online - First Look

Aika Online - First Look

Aika Online is a free to play MMORPG that belongs to the gPotato gaming portal. The game was released back in 2009 and has since grown to include thousands of active players from across the globe. Aika Online was one of the first MMO games to implement huge-scale PvP, not just large-scale, literally huge. Players can participate in PvP against thousands of other players at once, making Aika Online one of the most PvP based MMO RPG games available.

Aika Online lets you build your hero using 1 of 6 classes, Warrior, Paladin, Duel Gunner, Rifleman, Warlock and Cleric. Every class is totally unique and has access to their own sets of stats, abilities and weapon types. Players can enter battle as a war hardened Warrior, introducing their larger than life sword to any enemy they come across, or they can take the more passive approach sitting at a distance destroying enemies with the devastating damage of the Riflemen. As each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, they can all be played in many different ways which allows players to find a class that truly compliments their play style.

There are 5 different nations battling for control of the land of Arcan, with each nation having their own unique background story, capital cities, NPC's and starting areas. Although each nation offers players a different way to progress through the game, the main purpose is the massive PvP fights. Aika Online's PvP can include thousands of players on the same screen, from all 5 nations. There are various PvP mode options, most of which are objective based, creating for high-octane PvP battles time after time.

Aika Online also includes an in-depth crafting system that applies to both weapons and armor. Players can construct their own items using a variety of skills and materials, including everything from fierce looking 2-handed weapons, to potions and buffs. Each item you create can be improved using the Enchantment and Transfer features, allowing you to improve the stats and abilities of your weapon, or transfer them over to more powerful weapons. The final option is the Reinforce system, this allows you to find various gems and other rare materials that you can then use to reinforce various items, making them stronger.

By Rachel Rosen


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