Age of Wushu previews its next update

By Tam Mageean
age of wushu update

The Revolutionary Martial Arts mmo, Age of Wushu has previewed its upcoming content update, World of Contenders.

World of Contenders is Age of Wushu's first major update for 2014 and will grant players with plenty of new ways to add strings to their warrior's bow.

The update will introduce an all-new one vs one, Dragon and Tiger tournament to the mmorpg; where PvP champions will be awarded with random school introductory novice manuals.

Students looking for other ways to study will be able to take part in the new school lessons, which will be held 3 times a day and serve as a great way to up your Cultivation Points.

Lastly, the forth Internal Skill has been unlocked, and can be cultivated all the way up to level 36 within your own schooling. The new skill tier can also be raised through other schools up to level 30.

Age of Wushu: World of Contenders is slated for release in February. 

In other news, if you wish to take the traditional path to becoming a true warrior. The Green Bamboo Branch is now up for sale. The single-handed sword is exactly as it sounds; a piece of green bamboo, perfect for sparring, or humiliating your foes. Also, new to the store, is the New Years Gift Box and the Tangerine Gift Bag; 2 variety packs to celebrate the lunar new year. Both new years kits have the chance to drop additional rare items too.


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