Age of Wushu reveals Advanced School Skillsets

By Tam Mageean
age of wushu scrolls

Ultimate Scrolls went live on November 13th, and brought Age of Wushu a barrage of new adventures for your young grasshoppers to experience, ranging from new School Instances to a romantic Marriage system. One thing that was talked of was the revelations of the Ultimate Scrolls; a library of secret, advanced skills that withheld the pinnacle of each schools disciplines, and were hidden, deep within the MMORPG, for you to find.

As the mists of the new launch settle, one by one, the secret ways have been discovered, and Snail Games have decided to reveal the tomes, with each of the Age of Wushu Ultimate Scrolls described.

A teaser video was revealed earlier this month, without so much as an explanation, but now, we can take a look at each school's powerful, secret art and origins, and add them to our character's repertoire. Each of the MMO's eight schools has a unique scroll to reflect their style. Here's the rundown:

Tai Chi Fist - The Wudang originator himself, Zhang Sanfeng betrothed this upon the Wudang school. Utilizing the Yin and Yang of their art, the Tai Chi Fist tackles action with inaction and the powerful with powerlessness.

Maiden's Swordplay - A celestial sword dance created by Lin Zhaoying, and used by the Emei school to mesmerize its foes.

The Sanguine Blades - A torturous attack from the school of Royal Guards, which is empowered by the screams of its victims.

Dragon Claw - A long lost Shaolin technique that grants its disciplined students with the strength and ability to crush stones into powder.

Dog Beating Staff - The Elder's of the Beggar's Sect devised this unpredictable, but lethal staff technique.

Jade Flute Swordplay - The Eastern Heretic, Huang Yaoshi passed this technique on to the Scholars, and grants precise attacks onto the opponents acupoints.

Lethal Thirteen Swords - Wandering Swordsman Yan left this technique in the Wanderer's Valley, passing on deadly hand skills and punishing combos.

The Infernal Missive - The Tangmen discovered this scroll by accident, and use it to lace their flying knives with fatal secrets of hell.

So which path will you take? Celestial dance, torturous blade, or mesmerizing bo? let us know in the comments section.


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