Age of Wushu preorder Deluxe Edition packs a punch

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu preorder deluxe edition

Age of Wushu developers claim the value of the preorder Deluxe Edition—which comes with VIP access, in-game items and early play perks—is more than double its retail price.

For $20, purchasing the Deluxe Edition unlocks 60 days of VIP access, a convenient feature that allows a player to continue their character progress even while logged off from the game. “Gain experience, earn money and more—all while you are away from the game,” said Age of Wushu maker Snail Games in a release.

The Deluxe Edition also bestows $15 worth of upgrades and items, which should give a leg up in the early days of the martal arts free mmorpg. This includes a yet-to-be-revealed exclusive mount.

Like other preorder packages for other rpg games online, the Deluxe Edition also provides early play opportunities such as full access to the second closed beta beginning December 20.

Deluxe Edition members also become eligible for special events and sweepstakes that reward extra freebies.

The Deluxe Edition can be purchased now from the official website with additional packages being mulled for release at a future date.


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