Age of Wushu sets NA release on February 1, 2013

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu na release february 1

Age of Wushu, the martial arts MMORPG from SnailGames USA, prepares to spread the kung-fu fever to Western audiences early next year.

Age of Wushu is already a certified hit in its homeland China, according to its developer, with 10 million registered players to-date. The free online rpg has no class system; instead, players start the game choosing one of eight factions which dictate their kung-fu style which can be further enhanced with proper investment of training points. Action is fast and combo-oriented, as what is the norm in martial arts.

Following the usual MMO sales format of, Age of Wushu is first offering pre-sale packages that provide unprecedented early access and perks. The Elite pre-sale package, for example, costs $9.99 and comes with a full version of the free online rpg, exclusive in-game items and guaranteed access to next month’s initial beta launch.

This initial beta will last until November 25, after which three Limited Edition Gift Sets will be released – a Deluxe, Premium and Collector’s Edition. Depending on the bundle, the gift sets will provide exclusive content, digital items and even real world collectibles. All three will provide guaranteed access to the second beta launch on December 20 as well as an “Exclusive Access Period” code that gives the user a few days headstart before the February 1 world launch.


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