Age of Wushu first expansion to introduce mentoring system

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu mentoring system martial brothers

Veterans can guide newbies in a mutually beneficial mentoring system in Age of Wushu.

Here's the set-up of the Age of Wushu mentoring system aka the Martial Brothers system: new and inexperienced players called Younger Brothers can be taken under by more seasoned players called Elder Brothers.

Younger Brothers will be able to rapidly increase their power and leveling while under the tutelage of their Elder Brothers, and will even receive HP buffs whenever their mentors are online in the MMO.

Other Younger Brother perks include: Discounts for learning skills from other schools, and of course insider tips and tricks that will help them succeed in Age of Wushu.

For their efforts, Elder Brothers also receive a set of rewards for helping out their Younger Brothers. Elder Brothers will receive item boxes whenever their apprentices increase their internal skills every five levels, and cultivation points. These should encourage Elder Brothers to do everything they can to boost their apprentices to the endgame.

To discourage abuse and spamming, Age of Wushu developers said there will be rules and eligibility requirements, as well as a limit on how many relationships each character can sustain at any given time.

The mentoring system is just one of the new features coming in Age of Wushu: Legends of Mt. Hua, the first North American expansion for the martial arts online rpg. The other features will be previewed in future expansion updates, so for now just get drunken master drunk on the expansion trailer revealed back in E3:


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