Age of Wushu previews martial arts schools in newest trailer

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu martial arts schools video

This latest two-minute video gives a sneak peek at some of the playable factions – called schools – in the upcoming martial arts mmorpg.

There have been eight confirmed playable Age of Wushu schools, but this newest trailer only highlighted some of them.

This included the Royal Guards which wield large single-handed swords and will presumably have some storyline connection with the Emperor. The Beggars appear to be drunken master-style fighters who are as adept in finishing their booze as they are in breaking skulls in pub brawls.

Scholars are cultured, refined and according to previous previews, can get aggressive with their tune-based attacks. Meanwhile, the Emei are a female-only school whose delicate fighting moves can be quite deadly.

The four remaining Age of Wushu schools are Wudang, Shaolin, Tangmen, and Blissful.

“The selection of a school in Age of Wushu is more important than any class. Choose from one of eight legendary schools and make your name famous… or infamous,” said Snail Games, suggesting that some of these schools will allow for both hero and villain reputation paths.

If the school system works somewhat like the Light Side and Dark Side system for Star Wars the Old Republic, then Age of Wushu players can look forward to a more compelling online rpg with divergent progression choices for your hero’s morality.


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