Age of Wushu gives an overview on guild battle mechanics

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu guild battles

Age of Wushu guilds will play a large role in the wider MMO world through competitive territory control.

Players in Age of Wushu can band together in guilds and attempt to control whole territories in full-scale guild wars. Rival guilds will not sit lightly though while you lord over the land; they will attempt to overthrow your rule and even call on allies to help their siege. Defending guilds will need to summon their own allies to even out the playing field and construct security devices that will help repel the attackers.

Should defending guilds fail in guarding their territory buildings and statues, all their constructs and investments in the territory will be destroyed, opening up the land for a new guild controller.

Age of Wushu guild wars will be one of the most resource-intensive and exciting activities in the martial arts  online rpg. But it will be worth all the effort, developers said. Control of a territory enables free teleportation services, cultivation increases, and can help their hosts practice their Life Skill professions, among other benefits.

Guild pride and prestige also come to play as guild occupants will honor them with flying banners and a prominent display of the guild sigil -- a resounding proclamation that one's guild has made it big in Age of Wushu.


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