Age of Wushu Coming to Consoles and Movie Screens

By Josh Wirtanen
Age of Wushu Getting Movie and Console Version

Age of Wushu, the popular martial arts MMORPG, will soon be spreading its ancient China-inspired world beyond PCs. That's right, Snail Games announced this week that Age of Wushu will be migrating to consoles and mobile devices.

Which consoles? Will this be available on PS3 and Xbox 360, or is Snail Games shooting for the next generation? These are great questions, though they're ones that haven't been answered yet.

But it's not just the game version of Age of Wushu that fans can get excited about; there's also a feature film in the works.

Shi Hai, founder and chairman of Snail Games, talked a little about that: "The Age of Wushu game looks and plays like a major martial arts motion picture so bringing the property to movie screens is a logical evolution. Our goal has always been for the property to reach the widest audience so evolving to a feature film and expanding the experience to consoles and mobile devices continues our plan."

Itching for more information? An official press release left us with this promise: "Details of the planned Age of Wushu film and the console and mobile games will be revealed at a later date." We're certainly excited to hear more, and we'll let you know as soon as we dig anything else up regarding these projects.

Age of Wushu Coming to Consoles


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