Age of Wushu celebrates its anniversary

By Tam Mageean
age of wushu event

It has been a year since Age of Wushu:Ultimate Scrolls first shown itself to the world with its closed beta test. From now until January 2nd, developers, Suzhou Snail Electronic will be celebrating the martial mmorpg's first anniversary with a three phase celebration.

The anniversary will consist of Giveaways, Returning Heroes bonuses and the chance to gain the Jianghu Martial Arts skillset completely for free in their Drunken Master Bonanza.

Gift packs will be awaiting warriors in the banks of major cities and villages, addressed from QianFuGui. Additional gift packs will be available to anyone reaching Martial Intuition, Mental Balance or Peak of Power.

Long-lost players, returning to the mmo, will receive special buffs, and exclusive access to the Return Sign-In event. Buffed returning players also increase the luck of the groups that they party with on instances, meaning your team can gain extra Treasure Chests and Bonus Drops on missions.

Also, if more than 500 returning players are in any one server over the course of the event a Double XP and Double Spy Reward bonus will be unleashed upon all players!

If you're not a returning player, rewards are out there for you too; simply head on over to the Age of Wushu Event web-page and sign in, and a host of goodies will be at your disposal.

Lastly, there's the Drunken Master Bonanza; where players can win a Jianghu Martial Arts Skillset, completely for free. To win the skillset, players must reach Mentally Balanced before January 2nd and log in to 10 consecutive days, for 3 hours per day during the event. Jianghu VIP players only need to play for 3 days.

The Age of Wushu Anniversary event is already in full swing, so sharpen those stings and head on over to their events page to get checked in!


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