Age of Wushu's European open beta kicks in on July 18

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu european open beta start

Age of Wushu, the free to play martial arts online rpg from Webzen, enters its European open beta on July 18.

Age of Wushu, which will launch under the name of Age of Wulin in Europe, will launch its European open beta with three English servers. One server will be dedicated to French-speaking communities, another for German-speaking players, and a third server for international European fans.

Plans are underway for localized French and German language translations of the game, but these will be confirmed and launched at a still-nebulous "future time."

The European open beta promises a great head start for future dedicated players since it will no longer be wiping characters and accounts once open beta begins.

There will be roughly a week of break between the ongoing closed beta, which ends July 12, and the start of the open beta on July 18.

Closed beta testers though who have spent weeks or months playtesting the game and providing feedback will get a few cool perks for their efforts. This includes a full day's head start into the open beta on July 17, a unique vanity outfit and title.

MMO fans interested in joining the Age of Wulin open beta should sign up at the official Age of Wuline Europe website (


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