Age of Wushu starts European closed beta June 17

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu european closed beta begins

It's less than a week before Age of Wushu kicks off its closed beta mode and European English server.

Age of Wushu publisher Webzen Inc has finalized the European closed beta date for its martial arts free online rpg on June 17, which came as a relief for European fans who have long been waiting for the game to jump across the Atlantic. Age of Wushu launched in North America last April.

The European English server will be launched on the same day as the open beta start, with the German and French servers following "at a later stage." Webzen Inc. said translation work is still undergoing for its non-English servers.

Age Of Wushu Closed beta keys are now being distributed through various channels -- mainly the Age of Wushu social platforms as well as partner media sites.

Players who are lucky enough to get into the closed beta have been assured to have continuous and free access to the MMO, and can expect the closed beta phase to be "convenient and smooth."

To celebrate the closed beta, developers have also released this teaser video that shows off the classes.

The trailer also captures the gorgeous nature environments of Wuxia that will serve as the backdrop for Age of Wushu adventures set in Imperial China during the Ming dynasty.

The second half of the video also shows full-on martial combat on the footsteps of a sprawling palace, a ninja running up the steep wall, and other gravity-defying acrobatic moves from these ancient fighters.


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