Age of Wushu reveals School Betrayal system

By Tam Mageean
age of wushu betrayal

"Now, the student has become the master." A saying that is often seen as the pillar of any chop-sockey movie, kung fu legend or ancient, martial folk tale has now been stitched into the mmo genre as the Age of Wushu School Betrayal System is revealed.

With the new betrayal mechanic; even you, young grasshopper, can reject your masters in Age of Wushu and see if you have what it takes to go it alone.

With the recent unveiling of the Ultimate Scrolls in Age of Wushu, what school you hail from has played a more and more pivotal role in the MMORPG. To compliment this, six new sects are being introduced to Age of Wushu, and you will soon be able to taste the delights of all of them as you see fit, by committing to one of three new game-changing mechanics:

Betrayal - Return to one of the other 7 schools, or enter one of the 6 new sects by betraying your current house. School-specific functions will become unusable, but all other schools and sects will become open for recruitment.

Excursion - Venture into the wild, by initiating an excursion. This will result in you denouncing any of the original schools, and you will lose their perks, but you'll unlock the six upcoming sects in the process.

Incognito - For the undecided. Venture into the unknown by donning the Incognito title, which will grant access to the 6 new sects, but none of the original schools. Upon removal of Incognito status, you will be returned to your original school.

Which will you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!


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