Age of Wushu’s 17 professions include a beggar, gambler and musician

By Michael Jamias
age of wushu 17 professions

Age of Wushu – aka Age of Wulin in Europe – gets creative with its professions and groups them into four categories: Manufacturing, Gathering, Culture and Marketplace.

Manufacturing professions will be concerned with creating wearable and consumable items in the martial arts mmorpg, European publisher gPotato said in a release. Manufacturing professions will include the Blacksmith (swords, daggers and other blades), Tailor (clothing) and Chef (meals, which increase the effect of crafting abilities and quality of manufactured goods).

Manufacturing professions will be able to sell their creations either to other Age of Wushu players either through direct trade or setting up a limited-time sales booth, or vendor them directly to NPCs.

Gathering professions will focus on collecting materials used primarily in manufacturing and other professions. Gathering professions will include Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, Woodcutter and Miner.

For those looking to experience a more unique profession, the Culture and Marketplace categories offer a bunch of interesting options. From the Beggar to the Chess-player to the Gambler – these professions are more concerned about playing a niche role in the Eastern-inspired rpg and possibly earning a little coin while having fun. These professions also provide more obvious combat benefits such as the Musician whose songs of valor can inspire and provide buffs to those within hearing distance.

Developers said players will be able to take up professions from each of the four categories, but leveling each one will require extensive training before unlocking new ranks.


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