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age of wushu mobile ios android dynasty
Age of Wushu is flying kicking to iOS and Android devices through a newly announced mobile version, Age of Wushu Dynasty.Age of Wushu Dynasty is currently in development and will be released in North America later this year. The mobile version will be set in the same cutthroat world of Jianghu in which the original PC MMO takes place. But developers plan to infuse Dynasty with more action-oriented elements similar to those found in other Sna...
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Jun 11 2015
Age of Wulin Blood & Flowers update coming June 16th
Another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Age of Wulin online rpg is coming soon. The martial arts-themed mmo (known in North America as Age of Wushu) is getting another content update on June 16th. The Age of Wulin Blood & Flowers update will be Chapter 6 in the continuing story and will introduce some new features to the game.With Age of Wulin Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers, players will be able to progress past the Silver Hook Sword B...
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Jun 08 2015
Age of Wushu Warrior's Journey expansion released
The virtual world of Age of Wushu just got a great deal larger today. In fact, the game's world has more than doubled in size due to the release of the Age of Wushu Warrior's Journey expansion. A total of five new regions, ranging from sun-scorched deserts to open grasslands to forests of stone, are now open for exploration by players. There are also six new secret areas that promise rich rewards for those willing to take the risk: Gold Centipede...
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May 21 2015
Age of Wulin reveals three secret factions
Gamers who love their mmo games with a healthy does of martial arts mayhem are definitely looking forward to the next expansion for Age of Wulin, the European counterpart to Age of Wushu. Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness is set to launch in March and adds quite a bit of new content, such as six new factions and a dynamic weather system. Today, developers have unveiled three of the new Age of Wulin secret factions that players can join.Th...
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Feb 16 2015
age of wushu transcendence launch
If you're an Age of Wushu fan, you have 2 great things to celebrate this week. First of all, Snail USA are celebrating 2 years of mmorpg success with Age of Wushu - complete with a gift-filled anniversary event. Secondly, there's the launch of Age of Wushu: Transcendence. The new Age of Wushu expansion is all about going beyond martial arts mastery, as new skills (including a fifth tier of inner skill), new instances and new playable areas pouri...
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Jan 14 2015
Age of Wushu details new skills
Age of Wushu players are understandably eager for the release of Transcendence, the latest expansion for the martial arts-themed mmorpg that is launching on January 14th. Snail Games has already teased some of the new content, such as new Forbidden Instances, but many gamers are excited over the inclusion of new abilities via the Fifth Internal Skill. Well, those players now know what's in store as the company has released a list of the new Age o...
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Jan 08 2015
age of wushu transcendence
The Age of Wushu expansions are becoming pretty legendary. With weather systems, new Wudan schools and piles of beautiful new content appearing in prior launches, it seems like each expansion is better than its predecessor. Following the same formula, the new expansion, Age of Wushu: Transcendence, will be expanding virtually every main facet of the martial arts mmo. Transcendence promises a new era of Jianghu as all of the schools of Age of Wu...
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Dec 31 2014
Winds of Destiny launches for Age of Wushu on October 15th
The exact launch date for the latest Age of Wushu expansion has been a closely guarded secret for the last few months. All that mmo gamers knew that it was going to happen sometime in mid-October. Apparently, Suzhou Snail Electronic loves to spring surprises on their players as they today announced that the Age of Wushu Winds of Destiny launch will happen on October 15th. Nothing like having a total of one week's notice, so martial arts-loving pl...
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Oct 08 2014
Age of Wushu reveals Lingxiao City and Path of the Departed
As the release date for the latest expansion for the martial arts-themed mmorpg approaches, more Age of Wushu Wings of Destiny details are being revealed. The latest update will have players travelling to the frigid realm found in the Heaven's Lake and Snowy Peaks region where they will become embroiled in dangerous subterfuge. The developers have released new information on this region's lone stronghold, Lingxiao City, and new mechanics that are...
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Oct 02 2014
Age of Wushu Winds of Destiny expansion announced
A cold breeze is blowing in the Age of Wushu mmorpg, and it brings along a lot of change in its wake. The developers of this martial arts-themed game have been working on the sixth content update for the game, and they just announced that the Age of Wushu Winds of Destiny expansion will arrive some time in October. The update adds new forbidden instances, special events, and the companion system.A breakdown of what players can expect in the A...
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Sep 15 2014