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Age of Empires Online shuts down
There's an old saying that was often heard in the history department of the college I attended that every empire must eventually fall. While this has been true of ancient empires, and perhaps some more modern ones, it also seems that this has become the literal truth for Age of Empires Online. The real-time strategy rpg launched back in August of 2011, but their reign has now ended. It was announced yesterday that Age of Empires Online has s...
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Jul 02 2014
age of empires online no new content
The real-time strategy rpg game “has finished its development phase” so do not expect additional civilizations or features to arrive in the future. Because of this announcement, some fans could not help but conclude that Age of Empires Online is on its deathbed. But developer Microsoft Studios was quick to dismiss such doomsday worries. “Is Age of Empires Online dying? No. Nothing is changing for the existing game. You can still do all the thin...
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Jan 04 2013