Official Conan Exiles Servers Getting Reset to Combat Exploit

By Jeff Francis
Conan Exiles servers reset announced

Exploits in mmo games have long been the bane of developers, and few games have been immune to them. Conan Exiles is still in the early access program on Steam, and the barbaric sandbox mmo was hit recently with a duplication exploit that allowed players to create duplicate building materials and avatar tokens. Funcom has acknowledged this exploit and is fighting it by instituting a Conan Exiles servers reset that will impact the official servers.

This Conan Exiles servers reset will not be a total reset. Players will be able to keep their levels but all of their inventories and buildings will be wiped. In a Facebook post, the developers write, "You've been incredibly patient with us over the weekend and we first wanted to give our very heartfelt thanks for being so patient as we've been working things out. Thanks for all your feedback and your constructive comments. As part of our next patch later this week we will be partly resetting the official servers. By this we mean we will delete inventories and buildings from the servers completely, but we’re letting players keep their character levels.

We’re doing this to nullify the effects of recently fixed exploits. Resetting the servers in this way lets us mitigate the consequences of these exploits and lets everyone start on an even playing field. This is also a part of a feat and weapon rebalancing that we're putting out with the upcoming patch. Please give us feedback on this after it's been rolled out. We want to make Conan Exiles the best survival game it can be, and we can only do that thanks to you, the players."

Player reaction to the Conan Exiles servers reset has been mixed. Some mmo players think that not wiping levels is rewarding those who cheated (by gaining levels through the duplication exploit) while others think that an inventory and building wipe is okay, not to mention that dealing with exploits is what early testing is all about. It must be noted that these wipes are only affecting the official Conan Exiles servers.


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