Age of Conan director tackles server merges and loot woes

By Michael Jamias
age of conan server merges loot woes

Age of Conan game director Joel Bylos gives an update on the summer server merges and possible loot fixes.

Bylos said transcontinental Age of Conan server merges are still on track for a summer release, with Set and Mitra merging into Crom, Tyranny merging into Fury, and Deathwish merging into Rage.

He also explained that it is taking longer than usual as developers are archiving older and unused characters in part to minimize the downtime when the merge process finally hits.

The game director also addressed the growing concerns about loot in the new dungeons. He admitted that the mmorpg could do better in handing out "more interesting loot without creating a huge power gap between veterans and new level 80 characters".

He hinted that the balancing team is looking at using the new AA abilities for various classes as part of a "longer term" solution.

The rest of Bylos' director letter touches on the possibility of a new Achievements feature in Age of Conan as a means to encourage players to revisit old areas and explore new ones. He asked fans to post their suggestions on what kinds of achievements they would like to see inthe online rpg, and encouraged submissions to be a little crazier than usual such as making an achievement out of mammoth-leaping from the top of Xibaluku.

The rest of the summer content line-up may contain Unchained PvP, Place of Cetriss and a new minigame, according to Bylos. The Tradeskill revamp seems though like it won't make it time for summer gaming since it still "requires a lot of work."


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