Age of Conan Shares Details on Secrets of Dragon’s Spine Updates

By Michael Jamias
age of conan secrets dragons spine

That’s no typo – Secrets of the Dragon’s Spine, the new content for level 80 Age of Conan players, will be released over multiple updates.

Most online rpg games typically roll out as stand-alone updates, such as an expansion or a patch. But Secrets of Dragon’s Spine breaks away from that mold, presumably due the massive scope of the content.

The first of many Secrets of Dragon’s Spine updates will come online “in the next few months,” said Age of Conan developer Funcom, and will unlock the namesake region of The Dragon’s Spine along with new dungeons and quests to conquer.

The harsh and dangerous desert region will be located south and west of the ancient city of Pteion, and will be filled with desert dunes with the occasional oasis providing respite to weary travelers. Funcom said there what seems to be a desolate place holds a trove of secrets beneath the endless sand.

The free rpg has been faithful to the source material in translating Secrets of Dragon’s Spine from lore into part of the game world, assured Funcom, while keeping things fresh with shiny new features.

“There will be several new dungeons, a new raid area, a massive outdoor region (roughly the same size as the coast of Ardashir), and a new PvP area, as well as a host of new rewards, armor sets, weapons and other cultural items,” the MMORPG maker said.

“There will also be a new mount type that will be revealed later on, which is closely linked to the story in the new area. The new dungeons are called The Coils of Ubah Kan, The Sepulchral of the Wyrm and The Slithering Chaos, and will offer the same kind of selection of experiences as in ‘The Savage Coast of Turan’ update,” it added.


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