Subdue serpent men in Age of Conan's Coils of Ubah Kan dungeon

By Michael Jamias
age of conan coils ubah kan dungeon

Venture deep into the underground lair of a secretive slithering race in this six-man party dungeon.

Age of Conan's Coils of Ubah Kan dungeon will be a "brutal challenge" for even the toughest teams, according to mmo developer Funcom.

Coils of Ubah Kan is the second dungeon to open in the Dragon's Spine area after The Sepulcher of the Wyrm, which was unlocked back in January.

According to the official lore, a spike in seismic activity in Dragon's Spine cracked open the cave network leading to the lost lair of the Serpent Men, an enigmatic race that has long lain underground for reasons unclear.

Age of Conan players can expect to battle spiders, the Serpent Men and an ancient evil that has been imprisoned in the depths of the dungeon.

Initial screenshots of the Coils of Ubah Kan dungeon reveal the Serpent Men to be bipedal beings covered in spikes and drabbed in tribal gear. Their dwellings are filled with intricate hieroglyphics, and they have managed to build a unique culture apart from other races in the free online rpg, as well as impressive structures during their long years of seclusion.

Funcom said "even more content will come to this area in the near future" which means fans can expect to stick around for a good while in the dangerous desert wasteland.


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